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Applock privacy scan&hide pic


AppLock Privacy lock is an app lock to protect privacy safe within app lock screen password . AppLock privacy security tool has excellent password systems : applock password lock or pattern lock. For password lock, you can use 1- 10 digits as pinpad lock , it is very complicated for snoopers to guess passwords correct as 4 digits pinpad for iphone ; and you can choose to use random password to prevent passwords being peeped by others ; For pattern unlock , you can at least draw 3 dots, can connect dots 1 - 9 as your password . You can hide pattern path in the settings for more security . Install security applock privacy lock & experience magic privacy protectionPrivacy security scan : enable scanner and scan for privacy problems . 1) App Lock can can lock secrets safe using password lock or pattern lock, no afraid of photo peeped by others2) App Lock can put a password on sensitive apps, installed apps or system apps like facebook, instagram ,pay , secret photo app, any app you want to protect from others .3) App Lock supports to Move hot photos or sexy videos into safe vault, you can view inside safe vault without being snooped by others, 4) Protect personal files safe in the file locker; lock browser history for android5) App Lock can help catch intruders by taking selfie faces and catch thief easy ; 6) Shift from password lock to pattern unlock in the settings. 7) Change applock theme screen in wallpaper theme center New applock theme : panda theme, lavender theme, super car theme and fools day theme more .8) DIY themes to change screen into your lover’s photo , or your kids picture.9) Use fake disguise cover to confuse intruders. Like fingerprint scan is very popular, it will disguise like a fingerprint scanner, only you will know how to get into the app protected. Enable disguise prank to fool snoopers trick .10)AppLock security scan : scan security and check what items might leak privacy, and put a safe password to lock them up. Security scan result will guide you through to solve the privacy problems quick and fast. One tap to kill the privacy bugs.App Lock security lock is a password master with privacy guard features . It is your personal privacy guard , help you secure privacy safe in android phone, and you will be the owner of the password key to enter your personal phone. With App Lock security scan&hide pic prank , You won’t worry that your girlfriend check party video and hide secret call from ex girlfriend. Naughty kids will stay safe from nosy parents , hide little secret .And parents can keep adult content from curious kids. We are what you can imagine, try it now and define what we are and solve your privacy problem now. How to change password ? Open security applock , enter digital code or graphic lock 1-10 digital as password or drawt graphics and set security answers as well in case you forget password Change password in settings whenever you want anna . What if I forget password ? Click on forget password menu and answer the security question and reset password ,Or contact Anna for support any time you want at Anna support@51privacy.comHow to catch thief who snoop your privacy information ?Enable " intruder selfie", and choose to take picture 1-5 times when wrong password entered.Security applock will take selfie of this curious guy s face and save in applock.What is the fingerprint scan for ? It is a fake fingerprint scan prank. It is prank against snoopy persons . Only you know how to pass the fake scan.The FC fake cover works to pretend that the app is crashed force closed, so the snoopers will give up checking you message when it shows, a prank against snoopy guys .Why no picture taken when wrong passwords entered ?First , check whether you have enabled " intruder selfie " Then , check how many times you have chosen to take selfieAt last , allow Applock to use your camera permission